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Laurin & Graham’s Snowy E-Session with Fur Babies

Laurin and Graham have been adventuring together for 9 years now so they definitely know what they want at this point – they want to be together for the rest of their lives.  The sense that I get is that this wedding is going to be super laid-back (but not the crying kind because they’re not criers) with a whole lot of family to enjoy it with.

After our first meeting over coffee, I was still figuring these two out and their engagement session really helped, especially watching them with their beloved dogs.  Laurin is sweet and playful to Graham’s studied seriousness.  She is expressive while he is deliberate.  She knows exactly what she wants this wedding to look like and he says, “Okay.”  They’re a solid match.

Laurin and Graham, I really enjoyed getting to meet your fur babies and I was so glad to capture a few memories for you as a family.  I’m looking forward to seeing more of you in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy your wedding preparations!

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Ingrid & Dan’s Secret Winter Maternity Session

This maternity session was very exciting.  Ingrid and Dan kept their baby bump as hush-hush as possible so we kept the portraits secret until now.  Why now?  Baby Adam has joined the world so it’s time to release the portraits to the blog.  Baby Adam is very sweet and I SWEAR he’s ginger.  Ingrid said it was just the light but time will tell.

Ingrid and I attended high school together and then we lost touch for years, so it’s been fun to get back in touch during this exciting phase of her life.  She is a fantastic mom already and looks quite comfortable in her new role.  Oscar the dog is also adjusting to having a new sibling, but at the time of this session, he was Baby Number One.  Dan and Ingrid made sure to include him in the session.  He looked a little confused being out in the snow.

This sunny morning came together perfectly for a beautiful session.  Scroll down to see!

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Jobi & Alex Winter Skating E-Session at Bower Ponds

Just before Christmas over one year ago, Alex convinced Jobi to go skating in some uncomfortably cold weather.  His secret plan?  To propose to that beautiful girl.

WARNING!  Spoilers ahead.




Jobi said yes!  Ever since, they’ve been dreaming up a beautiful summer wedding on her family’s farm.  I can’t wait to see how the details are going to come together but in the meantime, we got together for a memorable engagement session.  In honour of the day Alex proposed, they chose to have an engagement session on ice.

Alex is the natural skater here but Jobi kept up just fine.  (I shuffled after them with my camera.)  The winter wind soon turned their cheeks cold and red but it was worth it, and we followed it up with drinks in front of a warm, crackling fire at their home.  If you can’t tell by the photos, these two still love to laugh together after five years and I expect plenty of playful moments on their wedding day.

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Heather - Stunning engagement photos !! good job

Donna Balfour - I love the engagement photos of our son Alex and his fiancée Jobi
Beautiful Photographs ❤️