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Stephanie & Todd, August 30, 2014

I can’t get enough of the details in this wedding and it amazes me that most of them are homemade…right down to the bride’s dress sewn by her mother.  Stephanie and Todd are unbelievably creative.  I now own woodsy coasters at home for my coffee cups.  (And I totally call dibs on the birch vases […]

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Alysha & Eric E-Session

For a windy day and a last minute change of locations, I can’t get enough of these images.  I keep pulling them up to look at them.  If the wedding day is half as amazing as the engagement session, we are set. If Alysha looks familiar, it’s because she is.  She and her bestie/maid of […]

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Elicia & Tim

Elicia and Tim are one of those couples that makes you feel cheery just by showing up.  They love to laugh.  They get excited about the shape and architecture of bridges and Elicia insisted that we take pictures of them in cattails because, well, they’re cattails.  Apparently, she just loves cattails.  By the end of […]

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