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Cayleigh & Austin, Snowy Farm E-Session in Ponoka

Cayleigh and Austin are crazy sweet, crazy relaxed, and crazy about each other.  They picked the snowiest, yet warmest day we’d had in November and invited me out to the farm for their engagement session.  We trucked through the fields in four wheel drive down to the iced-over river and wandered through the snow.  If you look closely, you can see the snow packed up around their legs.  These two are no complainers and they made it fun.

They wanted to include both of their dogs in the photos and wrangling four playful dogs into not only sitting still but also looking at the camera was no easy feat.  Cayleigh got creative with a bag of treats and we eventually got our perfect shot.

It always shocks me after Daylight Savings Time ends how quickly the sun goes down.  We were wrapping up our shoot before suppertime and it was nearly dark out.  As soon as that light disappeared, the air instantly turned freezing cold and a breeze picked up.  While these two were definitely tough enough to keep going for a few more shots and still somehow make themselves look warm and relaxed, it was a sign to head inside and truly warm up frozen fingers.  If Cayleigh and Austin can handle snow and cold like that, I have no concerns for their summer wedding…but I still have my fingers crossed for a warm, sunny day where they can truly relax and enjoy.

Cayleigh and Austin, I had a great time getting to know the two of you that much better.  I can’t wait to see that river valley again with you two in it.  Without all that snow.


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