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Danielle & Erwin, September 15, 2017

One day in September, it was summer in Alberta.  By the next day, it was autumn and Danielle and Erwin were getting married.  The leaves had just started to turn colour and that evening was chilly.

Danielle’s vision for her wedding day included soft lace, roses tucked into her hair, pink and burgundy details, and rich fall foliage.

Erwin’s vision for his wedding day was a giant Fendt tractor.  He proudly tucked his bride into place and cruised the gravel roads, the “I love my Fendt” sticker displayed across the back.  At one point, Erwin gazed happily past Danielle at the tractor and said, “It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”  At Danielle’s look, he backpedaled, kissed her and said, “Uh, I meant you.”

We photographed the portraits of the entire bridal party at the Wolf Creek Golf Resort and cruised the entire resort in a caravan of bumper cars.  Er, I mean, golf carts.  (They go surprisingly fast around those little curves and the boys took it as a challenge.)  The sun was setting by the time everyone was ready to call it quits, park the carts, and warm up frozen hands inside.

Joined by family from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and many all the way from Holland, Danielle and Erwin tied the knot at the Parkland URC followed by dinner and conversation at the Wolf Creek Golf Resort.  These two did away with formalities at the reception and skipped the traditional speeches and bouquet toss, choosing instead to just enjoy the company and conversation of their loved ones.  The fall air was icy outside but the lodge was warm.

Danielle and Erwin, I wish you all the best in your new marriage.  You’re going to love being able to do the farm life together.

*All portraits taken on the family farm and at the Wolf Creek Golf Resort


Dresses:  David’s Bridal

Hair:  Cory Powers & Mirjam Feitsma

Make-up: Zebo Makeup, Blackfalds

Menswear:  Milano for Men & Moores for Men, Red Deer

Officiant:  Reverend Ramkissoon

Ceremony Venue: Parkland United Reformed Church, Ponoka

Reception Venue & Catering: Wolf Creek Golf Resort, Ponoka

Arch:  Reliv Unique Designs, Ponoka

Fendt Rental:  Pentagon Farm Centre, Lacombe

Thank You Cards:  London Drugs, Red Deer

Rings:  Lawlor Jewelry, Stettler


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Janna & Randy, E-Session in Alberta Ghost Town

Did you know that Alberta has a (mostly) abandoned ghost town?  I didn’t.  Janna and Randy wanted to take their engagement photos in the tiny town of Rowley in eastern Alberta.  I’m not sure how many ghosts roam this place but I’ve heard from multiple people that they host a mean pizza night once a month.  The townspeople.  Not the ghosts.

The three of us road-tripped to Rowley and had ourselves a snack potluck on the way.  Janna and Randy are goofy and laid-back so the miles flew by.

When we first met, they weren’t engaged…yet.  They’re super prepared people who know what they want so they started planning their wedding and then he proposed.  Somehow, he still managed to surprise her in the moment.  Her ring is lovely.  Good job, Randy.

If you can’t tell by the photos below, these two crack each other up.  They’re completely comfortable together and have shared their hobbies and passions to find more ways to spend time together.  Thus, we have photos with huge smiles, dirt bikes, and tractors.  The golden grass and open fields of eastern Alberta (not to mention a few of the last remaining vintage grain elevators out there) feels so right for their backdrop.

If we can travel together and have a blast, it’s a good sign for how awesome your wedding day is going to be.  I can’t wait to watch it all unfold and I’m so excited you’ve each found your person.

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Teresa & Bryan Edmonton Legislature E-Session

Teresa and Bryan were not quite what I expected.  When Teresa hired me to photograph her wedding, we met in Edmonton for the first time to photograph the engagement session.  From what I knew, she was engaged to a “red headed bushman” and the sense that I got from our conversations and her Facebook profile (because I may have snooped a teensy bit), she was outdoorsy, adventurous, enjoyed hunting, and overall seemed super tough.  She and Bryan had even gone quading on their first date.

So when this leggy blonde greeted me at our rendezvous spot, imagine my surprise when I heard the sweetest, softest greeting.  Teresa turned out to be graceful and completely endearing and to top it all off, she was psyched to start our session.

We’ve already connected over Outlander and dill dip with fries.  I like this girl.

Bryan, it’s pretty clear you adore Teresa.  You may be quiet but you are the most likeable, thoughtful guy and you’ve found yourself a real winner.  I’m so excited for the two of you.  I’m very much looking forward to your laid-back wedding next year and I hope we’ll catch a day as gorgeous as we got the first time around.  It will be here before you know it.

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