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Kelsey & Matt, October 14, 2017

Matt and Kelsey crafted the most unique, perfect representation of themselves throughout their wedding day.  That meant having kittens to cuddle as the ladies were getting ready, the snacks and pool game stop-over at their favourite pub, the Pig and Duke, and the hike overlooking their beloved city at Nosehill Park.  There was plenty of craft beer to be had at the reception and beer mugs given to the guests as favours.

This wedding venue was the coolest so thanks so much to the Craft Beer Market for transforming their restaurant space into the most amazing ceremony site.  The entire crowd cheered at the top of their lungs as Kelsey entered the room and made her way down the aisle.  Matt had not yet seen Kelsey until that moment and he looked absolutely stunned.  (Kelsey, I’ve seen you in quite a range of looks, from a fully done-up engagement session look to jumping into a lake, but I’ve never seen you look so gorgeous.)

The theme here was “city vs. country” and the combination of downtown portraits surrounded by pedestrians and shoppers (and a zombie convention?  What?) versus the wide open air at Nosehill Park with no one else around was perfect.  That view overlooking downtown Calgary was perfect and worth the chill in the air.  We stuck to the sunshine as much as possible to ward off the chill but I think everyone was relieved to head to the reception and warm up again.

And warm up they did.  That dance floor was nuts.  I would love to be inducted into the family if only to experience a few more dances like that.

Kelsey and Matt, I want to say thank you to both of you for inviting me into your lives, whether it was at the lake seeing such a personal glimpse into Kelsey’s childhood to hanging out at a super cool pub.  You guys have been amazing and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it all.  I’m seriously looking forward to our next board game/craft beer night.

*All portraits taken outside the Craft Beer Market, the Pig and Duke, Stephen Ave., and Nosehill Park.


Ceremony Venue: Craft Beer Market, Calgary

Reception Venue & Catering: Calgary Winter Club, Calgary

DJ:  Fun Factory DJ Service, Calgary

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Cloe & Travis, October 21, 2017

Where do I start with this day?  Oh boy.

Let’s start with how Cloe and Travis are like happy, exceptional puzzle pieces that fit together just right.  They light up when they’re near each other and they’re up for anything.

The morning started with the men.  I’m not sure how Travis was really feeling when I arrived but he seemed cool as a cucumber.  His smile was relaxed and easy as he kidded around with his groomsmen.

The ladies getting ready portion of the day always has this excited, slightly nervous energy.  Last minute details are wrapped up.  Hair and make-up are carefully applied.  Jewelry and shoes are lost and then found back.  At Cloe’s home, things were busy and even the chubby ring bearer was getting a last minute hair trim as he munched his macaroni and cheese.  Cloe looked amazing and kept her composure through it all, or at least, until we lined everyone up for a final group photo before the day really got started.  Cloe looked over at her bridesmaids and that’s when her eyes welled up with tears.

I love private moments between the bride and groom before the ceremony and they’re frequently in the form of the “first look”.  However, Cloe requested something a little bit different – she didn’t want Travis to see her before the ceremony but she did want to have communion and prayer together.  The solution was to blindfold him and lead him into the room where she was waiting.  They held hands tightly and quietly took communion together, then Travis was lead back out to wait for Cloe at the church.

The rest of the day flew by, from the first kiss to the final portraits.  We spent some time in downtown Red Deer on Little Gaetz taking portraits just before sunset and getting honked at by passing cars.  Special thanks to Dose Coffee Company for letting us come in on the fly and take a few portraits inside.  At the reception, the speeches were sweet and the dancing was enthusiastic.  It was a day of genuine fun and love.

Cloe and Travis, I hope that you find marriage as fulfilling as it is fun and that you remember those days of long-distance dating and appreciate each other even more for them.  I wish you the best of luck in the future.  Merry Christmas!

*All portraits taken at the Red Deer Golf and Country Club, Little Gaetz Ave., and Dose Coffee Company


Hair & Make-up Artistry:  Tasha at Chopped Hair Studio, Red Deer

Bride’s Dress:  Novia Mia, Red Deer

Menswear:  Moores Clothing for Men, Red Deer

Florals:  In Bloom – Creative Florals, Hamilton, ON

Ceremony Venue: First Church of the Nazarene, Red Deer

Reception Venue & Catering: Red Deer Golf and Country Club, Red Deer

Limousine:  Arrow Limousine, Red Deer

Décor & Rentals:  Copper Cloud Events, Lacombe

Videographer:  Allison Wiigs

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Cayleigh & Austin, Snowy Farm E-Session in Ponoka

Cayleigh and Austin are crazy sweet, crazy relaxed, and crazy about each other.  They picked the snowiest, yet warmest day we’d had in November and invited me out to the farm for their engagement session.  We trucked through the fields in four wheel drive down to the iced-over river and wandered through the snow.  If you look closely, you can see the snow packed up around their legs.  These two are no complainers and they made it fun.

They wanted to include both of their dogs in the photos and wrangling four playful dogs into not only sitting still but also looking at the camera was no easy feat.  Cayleigh got creative with a bag of treats and we eventually got our perfect shot.

It always shocks me after Daylight Savings Time ends how quickly the sun goes down.  We were wrapping up our shoot before suppertime and it was nearly dark out.  As soon as that light disappeared, the air instantly turned freezing cold and a breeze picked up.  While these two were definitely tough enough to keep going for a few more shots and still somehow make themselves look warm and relaxed, it was a sign to head inside and truly warm up frozen fingers.  If Cayleigh and Austin can handle snow and cold like that, I have no concerns for their summer wedding…but I still have my fingers crossed for a warm, sunny day where they can truly relax and enjoy.

Cayleigh and Austin, I had a great time getting to know the two of you that much better.  I can’t wait to see that river valley again with you two in it.  Without all that snow.


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